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Kiwa Ishida's graduation work is installed in Ueno Park

Every year, from among the works produced by the Faculty of Fine Arts at Tokyo University of the Arts, excellent works suitable for exhibition at Ueno Park are selected from among the works produced at the end of the program. It will be exhibited for one year in front of the former Sogakudo Hall (art promenade). The work of Kiwa Ishida, who is enrolled in the 9th laboratory, won an award and will be on display until next spring. (In addition, in the Design Department, Mone Misawa's work has also been awarded and exhibited.) In addition, Natsumi Comoto of the 9th laboratory designed the poster of "Art Promenade" on display. The original is a copperplate engraving (aquatint). According to her, “I aimed for a lively visual with the image of a fresh breeze blowing under the theme of vitality, while interweaving primitive images that are similar to patterns on earthenware and stone monuments.” Please take a look when you come to Ueno.


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