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  • Kazuyuki Hashimoto

We are showing our work in New York!

THE BRICKS", an organization of New York-based Geidai alumni, and Tokyo University of the Arts collaborated on the exhibition "zén- TOKYO GEIDAI JAPAN ART WEEK".

and "THE BRICKS", a collaborative exhibition by Tokyo University of the Arts

Faculty members and students from the Crafts Department, Japanese Painting Department, and Design Department exhibited their works at the Blue Gallery in New York.

From the Department of Design, members of the 9th Laboratory (Design Embody) are exhibiting their works.

The photo was taken on the first day of the exhibition by Aoi Takai, who is staying at the gallery for the duration of the exhibition and sent it to us!

The following five students from the Department of Design at the University of the Arts are participating in the exhibition.

Midori Takai (3rd year doctoral student)

Hikaru Yamamoto (2nd year master's student)

Shuri Tsuruta (1st year master's student)

Manami Washino (Education and Research Assistant)

Kazuyuki Hashimoto (Professor)

Please visit us if you are in the area!

<Exhibition page>.

<the bricks top page URL>.


September 8 - 16 2023 @Blue Gallery 222 E 46th Street NYC

Gallery Hour: 12:00 PM - 7:30 PM (Closed at 5:30 PM on Mon. Sep 11) Free Admission to the Exhibition

No ticket(s) required.

Above: Exterior view of the gallery

Above: Manami Washino's works

Above: Midori Takai's works

Above:HikaruYa mamoto's works

Above: Shuri Tsuruta's works

Above: Kazuyuki Hashimoto's works

All photos by Midori Takai.

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