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Hirosegawa Zoukeikan  Special Exhibition GUST Exhibition

Kazuyuki Hashimoto   Modeling of wisdom


Hirosegawa Zoukeikan  Special Exhibition GUST Exhibition

Kazuyuki Hashimoto   Modeling of wisdom


Kazuyuki Hashimoto's work will be exhibited as a guest exhibition. Mr. Hashimoto has been working on 3D works since he was a student at Tokyo University of the Arts, and his graduation works are stored in the university museum as purchased works of the university. After that, while expanding the range of his expression, he continues to produce as the origin of his creation and develops his own modeling world. There is no end to the themes of the times, such as imaginary and real, static and dynamic, and time and sky.

Ikeda politics


After enrolling at Tokyo University of the Arts, he learned the depth of modeling and the charm of wood from Professor Ikeda, and was delighted to realize what he had vaguely thought in his head. rice field. Even after I went out into society, the way I express myself while being involved in design and art has changed, but the starting point for my creation is the modeling research that I faced when I was a student.

This time, at the invitation of Professor Ikeda, I decided to revisit my starting point, which I hadn't announced so far, and modified the work I made as an excellent work of my graduation work when I was in my fourth year of university and the past work. We are exhibiting 8 exhibitions and 2 new works.

The appeal of the creation is to express something that cannot be explained well in words, and although it is composed of seemingly simple words such as poetry and fairy tales, I am fascinated by the things that can be interpreted in various ways. My work is also a simple form, but I would like to make it into a form that has no correct answer, whether it is imaginary or real, and what is true. It expresses how the missing shapes and unwritten spaces (intervals), such as weathered shapes and textures, and the faintness of the brush, change and grow depending on the power of something that cannot be seen as important. It seems to represent the passage of time, like a limestone cave, a forest, a bubble of water, the birth of a star, a galaxy. I hope you can imagine it freely.

Kazuyuki Hashimoto


Dates: April 21st (Thursday) -June 11th (Saturday), 2022 Thursday, Friday, Saturday (closed on public holidays)

10: 30-12: 30 (admission until 11:30) / 14: 00-16: 30 (admission until 15:30)

Venue: Hirosegawa Zoukeikan Multipurpose Space (2F)

Address 2-1-18 Jotomachi, Maebashi City, Gunma Prefecture 371-0016 Admission fee: Adults 500 yen, students 200 yen, junior high school students and younger free

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