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Tokyo University of the Arts Design Department 9th Laboratory

Design Embody  


Tokyo University of the Arts

Graduate School of Fine Arts / Design Course

Faculty of Fine Arts / Department of Design

9th Studio, Design Embody


Design Embody has a meaning such as embodying


Anyway, try to shape it

Think while making


Thinking about rich living through research on space design, furniture, lighting, three-dimensional modeling, etc. that transcends the boundaries of design and art and is not bound by preconceived ideas that value sensibility, and practical activities such as exhibitions and social collaboration projects. Laboratory


The laboratory is located on the 4th floor of the specialized Education Building in Toride Campus, and creates works freely in a large atelier.

In addition, there is a common workshop in the handle school area, which can be used by students and teachers of the Faculty of Fine Arts. Metalworking workshop (including metalworking machine room, casting room, metal surface treatment room) Wood modeling workshop, painting modeling workshop , 4 stone workshops are in operation. Instructors with specialized knowledge are stationed there and are working on the production with careful guidance.

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