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Play Video (Reprinted from Natsumi Takamoto's website)

The Ina City Design Project is a collaborative project between the Department of Design at Tokyo University of the Arts and Ina City, Nagano Prefecture. We have been conducting research for about half a year through interaction with local people in order to convey the charm of Ina, a city rich in nature, to the world through the power of design. This time, we focused on the rich rural landscape around the Shioku area, where our project was based, and created a large-scale installation using an entire rice field after the harvest. The golden ears of rice swaying in the rice paddies at night, a one-night-only light installation. (Photo and video by Takashi Hokoi)

Organized by Tokyo University of the Arts

Cooperation] Cultural Promotion Division, Ina City Board of Education, Shinshu Takato Museum of Art, Takato No.2 and No.3 Nursery School, Association for the Future of Takato No.2 and No.3 Nursery School and the Community, Residents of the Shioku Community.

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