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Soccer Emperor's Cup Final Sensory Room Established (2021)

Tokyo University of the Arts <Art> x Japan Football Association <Soccer>

"Sensory room project that solves difficult experience environment for people with disabilities with art "

Under the direction of President Hibino at the 2021 Emperor's Cup JFA 101st All Japan Soccer Championship Final, we created the following goals that we would like to achieve based on the ideas of the students of the DOOR project (Tokyo University of the Arts course certification program).

You can choose, you can move freely, you can touch it, you can get lost / hidden, you can bring it in, you can easily connect it, you can customize it yourself, anyone can get information, you can get closer to your dreams

Completed by trial and error from spring to the day of the final in December so that these goals can be achieved!

Hashimoto Laboratory was in charge of one of the sensory rooms (Sensory Room 1) and installed the fixtures produced in the laboratory. We created a space that incorporates the elements of the 10 goals by combining hexagonal and pentagonal fixtures so that some of them can be moved freely.

All the handwritten signatures were drawn by Mr. Hibino and colored by the students.

Instructor Makoto Tamaki and artist Ryota Kikuchi were in charge of "Sensory Room 2" and "Ochitsuku Oheya" to create a fun space. The felt-like creature-like object in "Sensor Reroom 2" is created by artist Haruna Aoki, who wears it from her head to calm her down. Mr. Aoki also made a cushion for the Grand Udo of "Ochitsuku Oheya". I think that the children had a good time playing and relaxing between games. ( I was expecting the kids to enter the room first and climb the tall tower first, but I was happy.)

The game was also very exciting with dramatic development.

​ Finally, I received a thank-you note and sweets from him, and I cried.

Grant: Tokyo University of the Arts "I LOVE YOU" project
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