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Creating a base for activities that connect the forest and children Vo.1 " Create a forest wall".

In a place surrounded by mountains called Yamamuro in Takato-machi, Ina City, Nagano Prefecture, I helped to create a base for local children and mothers in a 100-year-old private house. I was requested to design the walls so that the children and I could work together in a woodworking workshop on the tattered walls.

I wanted to make the best use of the old woods, so I reconstructed them and designed them to look like a mountain forest. The upper part of the wall, which resembled the sky, was covered horizontally with a large piece of old wood, while the mountain-like part was made of new wood (local larch and sawara) coated with a mixture of persimmon tannin, Sumi ink, and Bengara.

After several months of preparation, on November 22, we held a workshop to build the wall with local children - Creating a Base for Activities Linking Forests and Children Vol.1 "Building a Forest Wall".

Many local children and adults worked together for a day to create a beautiful "forest cave" that gave shape to everyone's thoughts.


Workshop management and overall supervision: Naoki Mori, Ayane Imazeki

Wall design and workshop guidance: Kazuyuki Hashimoto

Production and technical guidance: Hajime Imaeda

Flyer design: Ayane Imazeki

Organized by: Aisa, a citizen's activity group

Supported by: Ina City, Ina City Board of Education

Support project for woodworking experience activities using Nagano Prefecture's forest tax


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