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  • Kazuyuki Hashimoto

A workshop was held in Kitaibaraki City!

Kitaibaraki City: As part of a community development project through art, we hold a workshop every year at the site of the former Fujigaoka Elementary School building in Kitaibaraki City, led by lecturers Motonao Maruyama, Keisuke Yuzuki, and Kageyoshi Koyanagi.

This year, we held a workshop on March 19th (Sunday) to decorate the entrance of the school building, where many children used to come and go, using cutting sheets.

We cut, pasted, and decorated the school building with the sharp image of bursting crackers.More than 100 people came, and in just over 5 hours, we quickly created a lively space. In the future, we are all thinking of making it a place where everyone can gather, read books, and where neighbors and children can drop by. I'm looking forward to the future developments!


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