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  • Kazuyuki Hashimoto

Atsushi Shindo is in charge of the spatial composition of DESIGNART's main venue!

Atsushi Shindo, a laboratory alumnus who is active as a designer, will be working on the official project "DESIGNART TOKYO 2023", one of Japan's largest design & art festivals, which will be held from October 20, 2023 (Friday). I am in charge of the spatial composition of DESIGNART GALLERY!

Utilizing acrylic partitions, which have been consumed in large quantities during the coronavirus pandemic and have nowhere to go. After being collected and cleaned from various companies, the acrylic partitions have been transformed into three stage fixtures and installations. This is a wonderful project that will be rebuilt and used even after the exhibition ends. Please take a look!



Duration|October 20, 2023 (Friday) - October 29, 2023 (Sunday)

Time|11:00-19:00 (*until 18:00 on October 20th)

Venue|Escorte Aoyama

1F, 2-7-15 Kita-Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo (immediately from Exit 2b of Gaienmae Station on the Tokyo Metro Ginza Line)

Sponsored by DESIGNART TOKYO Executive Committee

Cooperation | Arakawa Giken Kogyo Co., Ltd., NBC Meshtech Co., Ltd., Nomura Kogeisha Co., Ltd.,

Japan Exchange Group, Midorikawa Chemical Industry Co., Ltd., B.M. Japan Co., Ltd., REMARE Co., Ltd.

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