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  • Kazuyuki Hashimoto

Atsushi Shindo was featured on "AXIS web"!

Atsushi Shindo, a graduate of our laboratory, continues to be active.

Serialization on design media "AXIS web" | Ask creators about their thoughts Designer and artist Atsushi Shindo'''s new work ``HAORI'', which was exhibited for the first time at this year's Salone Satellite in Italy, became a hot topic, as well as the Interior Lifestyle exhibition in June. 333333;">Won the Young Designer Award given to young people who will lead the next generation of interior design industry, and will be held in Germany in January 2024Ambiente has been invited to exhibit. etc. are introduced. This is an article that will make you look forward to further activities such as Atsushi Shindo's past production style and future prospects. Please take a look!


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