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  • Kazuyuki Hashimoto

Miu Minami wins the best work award at the graduation work exhibition of the Japan Society of Inter

Miu MINAMI of the laboratory won the best work award at the 29th graduation work exhibition of the Japan Society for Interior Studies.

Last year, Ms. Minami created her graduation work, "Mon - Mon". When the artist was a child, he saw letters in foreign languages ​​as symbols and patterns, so he focused on the decorativeness of letters and tried to create patterns from letters of various languages. I'm here.

When you enter the room, it looks like a space decorated with ready-made patterns.

However, if you look closely, it is composed of 47 different characters that mean ``wall'', ``floor'', ``ceiling'', ``window'', ``door'', ``desk'' and ``chair'' according to the part.

A space covered with letters all 360 degrees gives us a fresh sense of concept, and we recognize the decorativeness and beauty of language letters. I also think that it is a monument that expresses a rich and diverse world that respects the culture of Japan. Japan Society for Interior Studies 2022 Exhibit Panel Lis

南海宇 「文 ーMONー (もん)」2021






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