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  • Kazuyuki Hashimoto

Natsumi Comoto and Takuto Ota are introduced on "AXIS" Web!

Natsumi Comoto, who completed her course in March this year, was featured on AXIS Web.

When this year's laboratory exhibition "Do you remember Clambon?" was held, Masako Taniguchi, deputy editor-in-chief of AXIS, and Aia Urakawa, who edits AXIS articles, saw it. As a result, we interviewed Ms. Comoto and carefully introduced her production style and works. Her production style that utilizes the Toride Campus's well-equipped on-campus workshop (wood, metal, glass, stone, painting) and the future of studying abroad in Switzerland. It's worth reading. I don't think there has ever been a student who has used the university's workshop to the fullest. This article makes me even more excited about her future activities.

Please take a look!

Natsumi Takamoto "PORTA" (2023)

Similarly, Takuto Ota, who completed the course the year before last, was also interviewed by Taniguchi and Urakawa and was featured on AXIS Web in March. He is also a designer who has released many works to the world and is attracting attention.

His production style, born from the seeds of play, is carefully introduced. This article also makes me look forward to his future activities. Please look at them all together!After he entered the University of the Arts, I learned that his father, who passed away from illness at a young age, was the person I worked with on a project when I was working at the design headquarters of a construction company. I still remember being surprised.I'm sure they'll support you!

We apologize for the slight delay in posting!

Takuto Ota “~” (2020). Photo by Takuto Ohta


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