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  • Kazuyuki Hashimoto

The 2023 Seto Inland Sea Branch Project has started

The Seto Inland Sea Branch Project, a collaborative project between Kagawa Prefecture and Tokyo University of the Arts that started last year, is a collaboration between artists from Tokyo University of the Arts who are active both domestically and internationally, artists from Kagawa Prefecture, and junior high and high school students. By forming a team and carrying out fieldwork, production of works, and preparation and holding of exhibitions with the main theme of "The sea loves people" thinking about the marine environment, we will cover the whole process from planning works to holding exhibitions. This is a program where you can practically learn the flow of the process. 

This year, the second year, we will deepen our thinking about the relationship between life and the sea, with the sub-theme of "Life⇄Umi," and work together with artists to think about and create the process leading up to the exhibition.

The project is progressing with President Hibino, and although Hashimoto took a break from collaborating with Kagawa Prefecture for a while, he has been involved in management and planning since last year, serving as the principal of the Seto Inland Sea branch. We have also started recruiting junior high and high school students in Kagawa Prefecture to participate in the research edition.

The other day, I held a meeting with the four exhibiting artists about the venue and researched the production of their works

For more information, please see the link below

Below is the Seto Inland Sea History and Folklore Museum, which is the exhibition venue


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