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  • Kazuyuki Hashimoto

The work of Tomoyo Shimada is exhibited in the basement of Ueno.

Although the report was delayed, Mr. Shimada's graduation work won the Taito Ward Mayor Encouragement Award and is exhibited in the underpass of Ueno. (It is easy to understand if you enter from the underpass entrance in front of ABAB Ueno)

"Layer box"

Tomoyo Shimada 2021

Somehow it can't be thrown away, but there is no place to put it away. A place for such little treasures.

A layered box is a drawer for cherishing and loving things. Those that I met again when cleaning up and are no longer in use are thrown away because there is no place to put them away. However, they are also an important part of what has made me up to now. Let's cultivate compassion for things with love by putting everything in a layered box that can be freely combined according to the number of things. (From the Taito Ward WEB page)

Above photo: Provided by the person

At the graduation exhibition venue

Underpass exhibition status

In Taito Ward, in order to foster and support students studying in the fields of sculpture, crafts, and design, the Taito Ward Mayor Encouragement Award has been awarded to the creators of excellent graduated and completed works of Tokyo University of the Arts since 2008. .. (From the Taito Ward WEB page)


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