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  • Kazuyuki Hashimoto

Tokyo Biennale 2023 “Jewelry and City Learning” jewelry on display!

As one of the projects of Tokyo Biennale 2023, Kazuko Koike is participating in "Jewelry and City Learning" planned as creative director.

This is a project to rediscover and recreate jewelry, the most familiar creation to people. The participants, who were recruited through an open recruitment process, visit Okachimachi, a town specializing in jewelry and a gathering of artisans, and create their own accessories by making use of items inherited from their families. This is a project in which students from the University of the Arts Design Department will design based on the ideas of the participants, and craftsmen in Okachimachi will produce them.

I also designed a design for one person. The jewelry was completed the other day and is currently on display.

Design drawings by art students are displayed next to the front desk on the 1st floor, and jewelry made by Okachimachi craftsmen is displayed on the 2nd floor!

Please take a look if you are in the area. (You can't tell from the photo, so I'd like you to see it at the venue!)

The food is also very delicious!

Exhibition location: Noga Hotel Ueno Tokyo

2-21-10 Higashiueno, Taito-ku, Tokyo

Tel. 03-5816-0211

Date: September 23, 2023 - November 5, 2023


Fees: Free


Ichiko Koike (Creative Director),

Akiyoshi Ichiriki (Tutor),

Ken Iwama (coordinator),

Tokito Sugiura (Assistant Director)

Akira Minagawa from Minapelhonen also went out of his way to give a lecture as a guest lecturer!

From the University of the Arts Design Department

As an assistant tutor

Madoka Goto, Tae-hyun Park (2nd year graduate school, 8th laboratory)

Ryosuke Imamura, Hikaru Yamamoto (2nd year graduate school, 9th laboratory)

Otomari Fukushima (4th year undergraduate)

As a project partner

Kazuyuki Hashimoto (Professor)

Sunao Maruyama (Technical Instructor)

has joined!

Above is the jewelry that Hashimoto was in charge of, and inside is a piece of a broken glass ring that the student cherished. The necklace was something they already had, and they wanted it to be worn in conjunction with the story of the glass slipper, so we sketched out several ideas, discussed them, and asked a craftsman to create a prototype using 3D CAD. , it ended up looking like this. Please also take a look at the booklet available at the venue.

(You can't tell from the photo, so I'd like you to see it at the venue!)

We listened to the thoughts of each student and after careful consideration, we completed the project!

(You can't tell from the photo, so I'd like you to see it at the venue!)


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