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  • Kazuyuki Hashimoto

We made a forest gallery

We held the 3rd "Making a Forest Gallery" to create an activity base that connects forests and children. An old private house in Takato-cho, Ina City, Nagano Prefecture has been renovated by local mothers over several years. Hashimoto has been helping with that for three years. This year, everyone in the laboratory participated in the guidance, and a workshop was held on October 8th with children and local people to create paintings and frames for the gallery. Many children participated in the morning and afternoon sessions. We made picture frames using local wood in a gallery space that looked like a forest. Over the course of a year, local people made windows and walls in a room with no fittings, and turned it into a space where the piano that Yamano Gakki gave us could be placed. We turned that room into a gallery space where you can enjoy paintings and music. I would like to publish the photos and videos after organizing them! It was also published in Nagano Nippo.

Support: Tokyo University of the Arts "I LOVE YOU" Project


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