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  • Kazuyuki Hashimoto

Works by Takuto Ota, winner of the Mitsubishi Estate Award

Completed in March this year at "Geidai Arts in Marunouchi 2022" held at the <Marunouchi Building> in Marunouchi, Tokyo Mr. Takuto Ota's graduation works are on display. It is a work called "WONDER OBJECT" that uses springs to "close your eyes and feel the sound and vibration". It is a work that I want you to actually experience. Since the atrium is large, we extended the springs to the maximum extent (did they extend them to about 20m?) and experimented. It's a work that can be touched, so I want you to touch it without hesitation and listen to the sound! This work won the Mitsubishi Estate Award, which is awarded to young artists who are expected to make great strides in the future from graduates of Tokyo University of the Arts. Program. On October 23rd (Sun), Mr. Ota will be on stage at the following talk show. Please take a look at it together with the work.


Cross talk by Art Division winners Tomomi Oka × Takuto Ota × higoAkari. Date/Venue: October 23 (Sun) 15:30-17:00 | Marcube


Photo reprinted from Takuto Ota's Facebook

Photo by Kazuyuki Hashimoto

Photo by Kazuyuki Hashimoto

Photo by Kazuyuki Hashimoto


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