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Chiharu Sakazaki "Where the Penguins Are" Exhibition 2015

I designed the exhibition of Mr. Chiharu Sakazaki, who was a classmate of the design department of Tokyo University of the Arts. Mr. Sakazaki is a picture book writer and illustrator who works on characters such as SUICA's Penguin and Chiba-kun of JR East.

Holding a solo exhibition in the presentation room of the Tokyo University of the Arts Design Department was also the first attempt, and it was an exhibition that inspired active students.

I want to make 95 silkscreen works centered on penguins look like a picture book instead of showing them on the wall, and I want to put each one on one table and make it look like a forest of illustrations. I arranged them so that they face different directions. The height of the table is also set in 3 steps, and the space is designed to look like a natural tree so that the space does not become hard.

The penguin footprints drawn by Mr. Sakazaki are also incorporated as a play element as a sign to guide you to the exhibition hall.

Many people visited the space, which is usually not accessible to the general public.

Chiharu Sakazaki Exhibition "Where the Penguins Are"

2015.11.12 (thu) -11.23 (mon) 10: 00-18: 00

Free admission at the presentation room on the 3rd floor of the General Studio Building, Faculty of Fine Arts, Tokyo University of the Arts

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