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"Chiharu Sakazaki Work Exhibition" 2017 Space Design

I designed the exhibition of Mr. Chiharu Sakazaki, who was a classmate of the design department of Tokyo University of the Arts. Mr. Sakazaki is a picture book writer and illustrator who works on characters such as SUICA's Penguin and Chiba-kun of JR East. While arranging the works of the students in the laboratory, I wanted the children to enjoy the charm of the illustrations because it was during the summer vacation, so I designed it with elements of play.

Exhibition information

"Chiharu Sakazaki Work Exhibition"

Ichikawa Yoshizawa Garden Gallery 2017.7.1 (sat) -9.24 (sun)

Introducing more than 150 works at once, such as the Penguins series, Chiba-kun's new facial expression celebrating its 10th anniversary, and the video "Adventure of Space Cat Murdoch". Along with the unique facial expressions of the animals, watercolor paintings of household goods and cooking motifs are also on display.

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