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TOKYO Suyori Festival 2016

ITOEN Tea Taster Forest

I participated in the TOKYO Suyori Festival held in 2016 as an artist.

The project started as a collaboration with Itoen's tea specialists "Tea Tasters", and we proposed a new form of tea. There are 1st, 2nd, and 3rd grade tea tasters, but each old one. We decided to set up a booth for people to convey the charm of Japanese tea from how to enjoy tea to secret stories about manufacturing.

I thought that the booth would be a circular tower, and I would like to symbolically make tea in it, considering the shape that can be presented so that only about 15 first-class tea tasters can give a lecture. By creating a rope barrier around it and gently connecting it to the outside space, we created a space that the audience can enjoy. The shape is just like a chasen, and the light leaks like a lantern with special Japanese paper so that soft light leaks at night. Among them, various teas such as delicious brewing of tea and special leaf tea were served.

The mobile tea room that Hashimoto created in 2015 with the intention of drinking tea in a nice place while pulling on a bicycle was also installed with a lighter weight and improved, so that you could feel the tea you enjoy in your own style. Or

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