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"Yin and Yang"

Works exhibited in the exhibition "Wood Design"

Yin and Yang

2010 / Larch, Bubinga, Acrylic, Oil

W800mm x D450mm x H1900mm

This work was exhibited at the [Wood Design] Invited Artist Exhibition held at the Wakita Museum of Art in Karuizawa in 2010 and at the Tokyo University of the Arts Exhibition Hall in 2011.

Since ancient times, there have always been two elements that contradict all things, spaces, and events, such as "yin and yang," "inside and outside," and "light and dark," and complement each other. I usually work on my work while exploring whether it is possible to create something like the boundary that connects these two worlds. Both the lost and remaining parts are equally important and complement each other to form a shape.

[Wood Design] Invited Artist Exhibition

Period: September 25th-November 24th, 2010

Venue: Wakita Museum of Art

Organizer: Wakita Museum of Art [Wood Design] Project Executive Committee

Sponsored by: Forestry Agency Chubu Forest Management Bureau, Nagano Prefecture, Karuizawa Town, Karuizawa Town Board of Education, Karuizawa Town Chamber of Commerce, Karuizawa Tourism Association, Nagano Prefecture Wood and Youth Association, Shinano Mainichi Shimbun, NHK Nagano Broadcasting Station, SBC Shincho Broadcasting, NBS Nagano Broadcasting, TSB TV Shinshu, abn Nagano Asahi Broadcasting

Sponsor: Kajima Construction Co., Ltd.

Cooperation: Yamato Logistics Co., Ltd., FM Karuizawa, HELICO CO., LTD

Grant: National Land Afforestation Promotion Organization [Green feather campaign]

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