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JFA Sensory Room Project

Tokyo University of the Arts <Art> x Japan Football Association <Soccer>

"Sensory room project that solves difficult experience environment for people with disabilities with art"

This is a project to work with the Japan Football Association.

The sensory room is a room where children with symptoms such as developmental disabilities and hyperesthesia and their families can enjoy watching sports and movies with peace of mind by devising measures such as sound insulation and reducing the amount of lighting. It is installed by many clubs in Europe.

In the situation of Japan where it can only be temporarily installed in the stadium, Tokyo University of the Arts will help the establishment of the sensory room that the soccer association is working on, and together with the Door projecct operated by President Katsuhiko Hibino, "People with disabilities" We are looking for a sensory room with the theme of "solving the difficult experience environment with art".

In the final of the 101st All Japan Soccer Championship of the Emperor's Cup JFA on December 21, 2021, the Hashimoto Laboratory was in charge of one room, and the families who visited the venue enjoyed it to the fullest.

It is a record of the activities of 2021 that Hashimoto laboratory worked on.

In the 2021 Emperor's Cup JFA 101st All Japan Soccer Championship Final, we installed the fixtures produced in the laboratory in the sensory room  


We exhibited a space that embodies the ideas that the students of the Door Project had in mind.


I summarized the production record of 2021.

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Sensory Room Installation Project Professor Katsuhiko Hibino x Tsuyoshi Kitazawa x Ryuji Bando Roundtable Video Now Available

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Tokyo University of the Arts <Art> x Japan Football Association <Soccer> "Sensory Room Project to Solve Difficult Experience Environments for People with Disabilities with Art" [Outline of Implementation]

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