Connecting the forest and children
​ Creating an activity base

In 2020, we will create an activity base to convey the splendor of the forest (satoyama) to children together with the local people, mainly mothers who have moved to this area in a small village surrounded by mountains in the Takato area of Ina City, Nagano Prefecture. I've been going since spring. The plan is to renovate an old folk house that is about 100 years old on weekends over several years. By creating an activity base for living with art, children will feel the importance of trees, forests, and satoyama. , I am helping to learn Satoyama, including myself and adults.

Creating a forest stage (2021)

In 2021, a workshop using local materials from Ina City was held in a large garden on the east side of an old folk house with a grant from the Tokyo University of the Arts "I LOVE YOU" project to create a stage. (Click the photo for details)


Making a forest cover (2020)

In 2020, the damaged south wall will be used in a woodworking workshop to make use of the damaged old wood, mix it with new wood (regional lumber in Ina City), reconstruct it and design it as a mountain, and work after several months of preparation. At the shop, children and adults from many regions collaborated to produce the product in one day. (Click the photo for details)


Activity record image (2020-)

I tried to summarize the activity records so far. In addition to the workshop, local people are struggling to create a place. I would like to record how it is gradually maintained.